NaBloPoMo 2020: Day 25

NaBloPoMo 2020: Day 25

What kinds of routines/habits limit my experience of everyday life?

Nearly 80% of my ego’s ideas.

Specificity isn’t the approach I’m going to use to answer this question, because honestly? All of the things that could possibly trip me up all stem from one place: my sneaky, fear-obsessed, petty ass ego.

Now, I’m not gonna go all Michael A. Singer on you about the role ego plays in all of our lives (but do read this by the aforementioned). That said, I cannot stress enough about how ninja-like the ego has been and continues to be in my life 80% of the time. I give such a high percentage because at least one out of five of the ego’s ideas actually serve some good. As I’m prone to note to anyone who will engage me in conversations about it, the ego is what protects me from danger. It’s the little voice that tells us to not go down a dark alley or to slow down my driving even when I’m in a hurry.

That about covers the 20%.
The rest?

In 41 short years of living, ego has…

  • …allowed narcissists to stay in my life just because we have ‘history’.
  • …concocted unfair scenarios about others in my head based on limited facts.
  • …made me stay in multiple toxic work environments.
  • …given me permission to be petty, resentful, and otherwise cruel to people I shouldn’t have engaged in the first place.
  • …created unreasonable expectations of others.

And that’s just the FIRST 41 years, Goddess willing I have another four decades of life in me. This is the human journey in action, though. We engage ego irresponsibly, which in turn limits our experiences and creates fear. If we’re lucky, we learn something from the aftermath of the ego’s rampage. We grow, learning about ourselves on a high plane so that we can act from soul the next time. I hope that every ego attack I witness in myself leads to expansion. I’m done with limits.

I love talking about ego.
More tomorrow.
Thanks for reading. Bye.

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