#YogaEveryDamnDay – Day 36: Doin’ It Well

#YogaEveryDamnDay – Day 36: Doin’ It Well

CW: Per the title, we’ll be talking about sex, so buckle up.

One of my friends and I were talking about this NSFW viral tweet. If you’re not in a space where you can click the hyperlink, here’s a description: it’s a video clip of a riding course – and I don’t mean of the equestrian nature. Although we had a good laugh, it made me think:

What is it that makes some people pay money to learn how to sexually satisfy their partners? Why is exercise usually a component of the lesson plan? Does a sex course even count as exercise?

I had a lot of questions, which meant I needed to blog about it.

As a romance author, writing fictional sex comes naturally for me and extends to my thoughts on real sex. I believe that no class is going to teach you about sex more than just getting down and dirty with a fellow consenting & caring adult(s). However, the fact is that these classes exist for a reason. They are well-attended events and lucrative for the self-proclaimed experts at the helm, teaching curious students how to be rockstars in the boudoir. In fact, one of the reasons some are intrigued by yoga is because of its’ perceived intimacy benefits.

So it begs to ask: Will all that bending & posing make you better in bed?

Let’s talk three facts about yoga and its sexual connection:

  • FACT: Yoga is a stress reducer.
    • Multiple studies show that a regular yoga practice reduces cortisol, your body’s numero uno stress hormone. The more relaxed you are in bed, the more likely you’ll be in the mood to make love. Have you ever had an encounter with a person(s) where one or more of you were tense? Yeah, do not recommend. The best sensual sessions happen when all involved are relaxed, so – by proxy – a regular yoga practice can keep you feeling stress-free in the sheets.
  • FACT: Yoga improves breath control.
    • We touched on the importance of breath in yoga yesterday. Likewise, breath control is a big factor in sexual performance. Regular deep breathing exercises improve orgasm control and increase sexual arousal.
  • FACT: Yoga tones the body.
    • Full body training is a benefit of a consistent yoga practice. From Downward Dog to side planks, many asanas improve muscle tone, equating to better stamina for more athletic-leaning sex. More of a nice & slow lover? Muscle tone helps with longer lovemaking as well.

So does yoga make you better in bed? Well, it depends, yogis. If you are doing a couple of sun salutations before a hot date and are expecting to be a sex god(dess) at the end of the night, think again. A regular yoga practice (aka at least thrice weekly) is required before reaping any benefits – in or out of bed.

That said, even the most dedicated yogi can do all the poses in Iyengar’s book, but the main sexual organ is located inside our skulls, not inside our shorts. Being present with your lover and keeping your mind on pleasing them is a sure-fire pathway to the best sex ever…but a little yoga can’t hurt.

Okay, on to today’s practice:

The Instructor: Kassandra Reinhardt of Yoga With Kassandra
The Practice: Yoga for the Libido (30 minutes)

Just when I think my favorite YouTube yogi has covered every type of yogic remedy, I dig a little more in her catalog to find another awesome practice. This energy-boosting flow is filled with hip-centric poses, which is where the sacral chakra (which rules the libido) resides. Can’t think of a better way to spend a half hour. Wait, yes I can…*wink*

See you on the mat tomorrow!
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