NaBloPoMo 2020: Day 11

NaBloPoMo 2020: Day 11

What am I thankful for today?

The empowerment that is borne from women supporting women.

I used to be one of those dreadful girls who took pride in having more male friends because ‘women are too catty’.

Daddy Issues in Aisle 9, amIright?

To be fair, that version of myself was so damaged, a young girl looking for validation from the boys of my youth. As I got older, wiser, and wittier, my relationships with women have become a bedrock of my life’s journey. They’ve rooted for me, held space for me, and just straight up loved on me. Women have also amplified me and my creative endeavors: reading and reviewing my novels, reposting my blogposts, and inviting me to speak on their virtual platforms. Any time I have an opportunity to match that energy, I do.

I met designer Monica Berry in a quarantine group on Facebook. We read tarot for each other and have been connecting on a sister level online ever since. When I learned about Monica’s lifestyle brand, Cielo Goods, I knew I had to share with you what makes her and her products so dope. Check out my unboxing of self-care treats I received!

For a closer look at Monica’s collection and everything Cielo Goods has to offer, click her logo below.

Thanks for reading & watching.
Support women.
More tomorrow. Bye.

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