NaBloPoMo 2020: Day 10

NaBloPoMo 2020: Day 10

What are my most important values?

Reciprocity. My heart won’t allow me to engage in anything less.

WRITER’S NOTE: Before we begin today’s entry, I just want to acknowledge that I’ve produced ten consecutive days of blog content. I have completed a third of this challenge when I wasn’t sure I’d make it through the first week. I think that deserves a self-congratulatory dance break:

Okay, back to work…

When this question came to me on the list, the first thing I thought was, is reciprocity even a value? Then I Googled said question and found out that, yep, it is indeed a value. What a relief because, at this point in my human journey, I’ve discovered the hard way that I cannot have healthy relationships without two things: boundaries and reciprocity.

We’ll chat about boundaries at some point during this blog series, I’m certain, which leaves us with the latter.

Matching energy.

A few months ago, I wrote about healing from a broken friendship. Since then, I’ve grown thankful for the experience and the lessons it left for me to sort out. I still hold this person in high regard and, deep deeeeep down, I know they were doing the best they could.

Thing is, their best was unreliability, ghosting, and broken promises.
And that just wasn’t good enough for me.

I learned from this friendship how vital reciprocity is to me. This mutual flow of energy, it isn’t universal, though, because we’re human. There will be times when we may not have the emotional bandwidth to reciprocate energy to those we love. What makes reciprocity the value I cherish most is the consistency of the process. While the loss of my former friendship still stings a touch, my cup continues to runneth over with beautiful people in my life with whom I match energy. These souls, they make space for me when I need it and I for them. It’s not forced, nor do we have to remind each other of this simple loving courtesy. We just flow. It amazes me, the radiance of reciprocal love warming the cold spots of my heart that were darkened by low-vibe experiences with a fearful person. Reciprocity is more than a value to me. It’s a boon, a windfall of the deepest form of love: empathy.

Well, I think I managed to write that without being too petty, eh?
I mean, it’s tricky to write about real people, #youguise.
Especially myself.
More tomorrow. Bye.

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