NaBloPoMo 2020: Day 5

NaBloPoMo 2020: Day 5

‘What kinds of situations do I avoid?’

OMFG I go out of my way to avoid so many situations, realities, and fallacies so here’s a listicle

  • petty disagreements with my mother
  • acknowledging my father
  • disciplining my daughter when she’s just being a free Black girl but forgets who TF she’s talking to sometimes
  • talking to my teenage son about anything remotely related to sex
  • martini bars because cosmos are a weakness I like being sober TYVFM
  • South Park marathons
  • consuming beets
  • meditation when I’m not ready to listen to Spirit
  • Nicki Minaj’s music
  • solid food before 1pm
  • conversing with assholes (i.e. racists, sexists, ableists, social conservatives, transphobes/TERFs, misogynists, etc.)
  • back pain
  • ego trips
  • anything that doesn’t flow
  • my ex
  • Sephora when I know DAMN WELL I don’t need to be in there
  • Jonathan Franzen novels
  • cooking

Okay, that was fun.
More tomorrow. Goodbye.

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