My October Yoga Must-Haves

It’s spooky season, because nothing has been scarier than my product junkie addiction to all things yoga! My September must-haves were just the beginning – this month, I’m in too deep but I assure you: I need each one of these faves in my life!

  • What I’m Watching: Yogawoman
    • I’ve been on a hunt for yoga documentaries. I keep a few freebies bookmarked on YouTube but they are usually dubbed in poor video quality (boo, but you get what you don’t pay for, amIright?!). When I checked Amazon Prime for their offerings, I happened across this one. Narrated by actress Annette Benning (who I once saw in a boutique when she came to visit her Hawkeye kid here in Iowa City), Yogawoman follows several women yogis rediscovering themselves through each of their unique yoga journeys. A few of the doc’s subjects are recognizable if you know your at-home yoga divas, such as Seane Corn and Shiva Rea. Although the 2011 documentary didn’t age well in terms of diversity (the subjects are nearly all cis, white, and straight), Yogawoman does a decent job of giving you a bite-sized history lesson on how the once-patriarchal practice of yoga became majority female and powerful.
  • What I’m Reading: One Simple Thing by Eddie Stern
    • The most interesting aspect about the practice is the science. Yogi master Eddie Stern’s best book on the practice goes into depth about the mind-body connection of yoga. Using a mix of neuroscience, metaphysics, and timeless yogic wisdom, Stern does a great job of breaking down complex ideas into solid knowledge fit for a yogi of any mastery level.
  • What I’m Listening To: A Beautiful Chorus
    • When I mentioned this acapella quartet in my post about my Top Five yoga playlist artists, it wasn’t hyperbole. This group is my go-to not only for my personal practice but for anytime I need peace. The group has released six full-length albums thus far, my favorite being 2014’s Hymns of Spirit. I am often moved to tears whenever the album’s track Please Prepare Me comes on during practice. These ladies are required for all things Savasana-related!
  • What I’m Using: Gaiam Printed Yoga Mat
    • I usually don’t go up for Gaiam mats like this. In my experience, they shed easily and are too thin to supply adequate cushion for my fortysomething knees when in lunge poses. But this one? Oh baby! First of all, she’s so gorgeous that I had to put her on my Twitter. Then there’s the 6mm thickness. YES PLZ! The comfort has been music to my Gen X knees. What else can I say? I gotta give props to Gaiam. This new line of mats has really stepped it up (I’m still Team Manduka through and through, tho!)

What are you watching/reading/listening to/using in your yoga practice?
Please share in the comments below!

See you on the mat soon!
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