So, yeah, hi…

I was trying to think of a snappy title for my first blog post in nearly 18 months.

Something like…’The Latest from The Greatest’ or ‘Guess What Shenanigans I’ve Been Up To’, but fuck that. Just an awkward ‘hi’ will suffice.

Oh, and some life updates:

College Girl Like Moesha:

In the time I’ve been MIA on this blogspace, I finished my first year of grad school with straight As. Yes, me who graduated from high school with barely a 2.0 and spent more time in college doing [REDACTED] and [ABSOLUTELY REDACTED] than actually learning the things. Turns out this girl’s gotta work for two decades as a cubicle dweller before realizing her true calling in life.

Going back to school for the first time since getting my B.A. in 2000 (22 years ago for those among us who aren’t good at the maths) was an experience in doing the goddamn most – the experience my ego happens to like best. I was the oldest in most of my classes and one of the only Black faces in them as well. I decided to take on a full load (#TWSS) of courses and still work full-time. And just like during my undergrad years of the late 90s, I am involved in several extracurricular activities: LISSO, BCALA, BGAPS, etc. (Is that enough acronyms for you?). Guess I’ll have to add this whole surviving-grad-school-at-40 milestone to this list.

(Related: My second and final year begins in just a few weeks so be sure to follow the tag #gradschooldiva to keep up with my brain exploding.)

I’m Very Bendy:

I’ve written before about the impact yoga has had on my life and I’m happy to note that it’s still a thing, a daily thing actually. That makes me proud, being able to maintain a daily practice on top of everything else I’ve been doing. It’s not easy, but yoga is essential to my mental health and that is not hyperbole. In an effort to keep my practice’s momentum going (and a little self-accountability never hurt anyone!), I’ve been posting my daily practices under the tag #yogaeverydamnday. My FB is private so if we aren’t connected on the app, you won’t see them.

I know, I know. I can hear the collective ‘Boo, you whore!’. But you are in luck, because starting on August 1st, I’ll be posting them on my blog everyday so keep an eye out for that first post.

Where Are The Words, Girlfriend?

So I’ve covered awkward greetings, grad school, yoga…what am I missing?
Oh, that’s right! I’m a writer, allegedly.

To be frank, I haven’t done much writing in the nearly year and a half since I disappeared from this blog. Writing romance (or even reading it, for that matter) is not giving for me the way it used to. I’m proud of the dozen or so books I’ve published and truly believe there’s another love story buried somewhere in my packed schedule. However, my bodice-ripping passion is mainly reserved for library things and yoga poses (NOTE: My therapist has said repeatedly that that’s OK, so I think I believe her).

That said, I’m sloooowly but surely cranking out some words but if you’re looking to read about alpha females having hot sex with semi-toxic men, look elsewhere for now. My latest piece of writing to grind itself out of my consciousness was for my library’s blog. I talked about my recent trip to D.C. to attend the American Library Association’s Annual conference (I also documented it on Twitter!). I am also a part of this awesome collective of librarians of color who write called The Scribrarians. We meet monthly to discuss our writing projects (or, sometimes, lack thereof) and for a freewriting session. It’s been awesome to connect with these busy women bustling with encouragement to keep our pens moving.

This fall, I’ll be writing for Hack Library School and this fabulous zine called Girls, On Film; I’ll be posting my scribbles here for your enjoyment but sorry not sorry: it ain’t romance – but I find myself falling back in love with the craft of writing and that matters SO much more.

In short, life has been just trucking along for me over these past 18 months and I’m grateful. So much more occurred that I won’t mention here because let’s keep it light, shall we?, but I’m happy to be back on and I’ve promised myself that I will be on here much more consistently. If you made it all the way to the end of this post, I appreciate you. Just as I am working to be a better human, I’m working twice as hard to be a better creative.

Keep my feet to the fire, will ya? That way, my next Hi won’t be so awkward.

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