#YogaEveryDamnDay – Day 26: My New Normal

#YogaEveryDamnDay – Day 26: My New Normal

This week was A WEEK, OK?

After a bit of a Mariah Moment on Wednesday night, Thursday went much better for me. For starters, I began my practicum at Iowa City Poetry

Look at me cheesin’ lol

For the next 3.5 months, I’ll be managing the promotion and programming for ICP’s Lending Library (which you can totally join for FREE by clicking this little link). Books and marketing with a dash of my trademark extroversion? Right up my alley!

I wrote all about my practicum decision on the Hack Library School blog and I’ll say it again: selecting this amazing organization was the best decision ever! That said, I was reminded very quickly that my ‘new normal’ is anything but. In total, I’ll be clocking 150 hours with ICP. I’ll also be maintaining full-time status at my library, in addition to a full schedule of grad school courses. This means that I’ll need to be extra vigilant about my rest and leaving open spaces on my schedule to be completely unavailable. It also mean that my yoga schedule has to remain flexible as well.

Now, on to today’s practice:

The Instructor: Kassandra Reinhardt of Yoga With Kassandra
The Practice: PM Yoga (10 mins)

As I mentioned yesterday, I decided to sleep in and skip my typical AM practice…and I spent most of the day reminding myself that that’s OK. The fabulous thing about yoga (that I clearly keep forgetting) is that you can literally do it anytime you want – and sometimes, all you need is a few minutes. Kassandra offers several 10–15-minute yoga sessions that are great in the evening. There are even a few you can do in bed, making it so that you can simply drift off to sleep after the practice. This one is a favorite because, well, y’all know I love my twists! This one has plenty of them, sure to wring you out before bringing a close to your day.

And let’s be honest: stretching in any capacity before bedtime makes your slumber oh so peaceful. That said, I realize that this new normal for me won’t be too bad…but stay tuned for future breakdowns this semester.

See you on the mat tomorrow!
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