#YogaEveryDamnDay – Day 27: Big Virgo Energy

#YogaEveryDamnDay – Day 27: Big Virgo Energy

This whole ‘me doing yoga at night’ trend is starting to take hold…

These past few nights of switching my yoga routine into a nightly affair has paid off, especially as I continue to adjust to my #GradSchoolDiva schedule. I’m sleeping longer, waking up with a touch more energy, and my days don’t seem to drag in the afternoons. I doubt that I will totally abandon my AM yoga habit, but for now, my schedule likes a stretch closer to the midnight hour.

Speaking of scheduling, it’s Virgo season and its’ New Moon happens tonight.
*pops single firecracker*

People who bear witness to my online antics know that I like to talk greasy about Virgos, but I say things like this with love. My favorite girl in the world is a Virgo, as is my husband (he’s actually on the Leo/Virgo cusp and claims Leo, but trust me – he’s a Virgo to the core!). Some of the most iconic personalities of all time, like Beyoncé and Michael Jackson, are Virgos. The most evolved of this sign are hard workers, dedicated to the task at hand…as long as it’s done the way they want it done. Your typical Virgo may be less than flexible in their tried-and-true processes (and please don’t try to mess with their processes!). The upside is that their astrological energy can ignite a focus on goals you might need right about now.

As we celebrate the New Moon in Virgo tonight, here are a few ways to add Big Virgo Energy to your yoga practice:

  • Plan Your Practice – Time management is very important to Virgos, so there is nothing they like less than not having their shit together. They love standards, hate surprises, and need everything where they can see (read: control) it. Take the same approach with your yoga practice by planning ahead. For example, set out your workout clothes, mat, and props the night before your morning asana.
  • Go Read A Book – Of course the librarian is pushing book recs! LOL! Virgos love to be informed so stop by your public library or local bookstore to pick up a book about the practice. A few of my most recent favorites include:
  • It Takes Two (or More!) – Virgos are the relationship people of the zodiac, committed to knowing their partners inside and out. Bring that energy to your next practice by indulging in couples yoga or by inviting a few friends over for a group yoga session.

Now, on to today’s practice:

The Instructor: Black Yogi Nico Marie
The Practice: New Moon Flow (35 mins)

Looking forward to another PM practice tonight and Nico Marie is perfect for the New Moon’s Virgo energy. As an instructor, she is all about a smooth delivery and concise direction. This practice leans a little intermediate, but is a great challenge for beginners with a mix of sitting, standing, and balancing poses. Since this may be my last moon-related practice I can do outdoors before the autumn chill sets in next month, I’m looking forward to doing this one on the deck with a clean mat and strategically placed candles – it is Virgo season, after all!

See you on the mat tomorrow!
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