Are You Ready to #GetGrounded?

My last post celebrated my four years of saying no to vodka and other related beverages. Needless to say, a lot has transpired in the eight months that have followed that soberversary – including and especially my foray into movement teacher training.

Okay, I’m selling myself short. This isn’t a ‘foray’. This is a journey. It’s one of many roads of transformation I’ve traversed over the past five years. This journey, however, is becoming its own brand. See Exhibit A:

New logo, who dis?

I think this is the perfect spot for a quick FAQ (also, I just love me an FAQ section):

  • Goddess Grounded? What’s that?
    • Goddess Grounded (GG, for short) is my brand covering all things movement, health, creativity, & assorted woo-woo things. The name expresses how I see myself and every woman in her power: a goddess grounded firmly in herself as a whole, vital, and valuable human.
  • Sooooo, are you, like, a Pilates-slash-yoga teacher now?
    • Yes and no. I’m currently training toward certification with Size Diverse Pilates and will begin yoga teacher training this fall with Hothouse Yoga. For my personal practice and growth, I train twice a week at I.C. Pilates. On the teaching side, I’ve taught several chair yoga sessions at my library and have been practice teaching Pilates for the past few months.
  • Are you still gonna write the naughty words?
    • Full transparency? I don’t know, beloveds. I’ve had a few (dozen) story ideas dance around in my head over the years since my last release, but my creative energy is elsewhere right now. I’ll still write on this blog until I launch the Goddess Grounded blog in the fall. The words will be less bodice ripping and more bodice tightening.
My Pilates mentor Rachel (Size Diverse Pilates) & I!
  • Cool, cool. So, how do I work out with you?
    • Well, working out with me is super easy: just click this link to schedule a FREE 30-minute private session. I’m available in person or via Zoom.
  • Wait, before I click this link: Is Pilates hard to? Do I need to buy stuff?
    • Oh absolutely not! You won’t need any fancy-schmancy equipment OR experience – just your body! During our first session, you will:
      • Learn the fundamentals of Pilates
      • Try out some easy-to-follow poses
      • Get to tell me (if you wish) how you are feeling in your body and mind
  • I’m still on the fence, but lowkey interested. Where can I learn more about Goddess Grounded?
    • Totes understandable! My socials are under construction, but make sure to keep an eye here on, follow the GG Facebook page, and bookmark my LinkTree for more updates.

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