The Fabulous Fundamentals: Six Sweat-Free Ways to Practice Pilates Everyday (Part 1)

The Fabulous Fundamentals: Six Sweat-Free Ways to Practice Pilates Everyday (Part 1)

I recently posted a TikTok talking about how to include Pilates in your everyday movements. It sounds hard to believe, but Pilates is truly a physical compass into how we move – especially with those movements we seem to take for granted. Having time to devote to any movement practice is a blessing, so what can you do on those days when the hours (and your workout) escape you?

My Pilates mentor Rachel & I, working those fundies!

When I meet with my students for the first time, we begin with a warmup based on the six fundamentals of Pilates:

  • Breath
  • Shoulder Stability & Mobility
  • Upper Ab Curl (UAC)
  • Tall Spine
  • Abdominal Engagement
  • Pelvic Stability & Mobility

Engaging them in the basics of Pilates movement prepares my students to execute the more intricate exercise with better precision and comfort within their bodies. The great thing about this time-saving approach is that you are doing these movements everyday. While scheduling 30 minutes a day to practice is good for overall health, life doesn’t always make space for that. So here’s the first half of the six time-crunching ways to get Pilates in your body everyday:

  • Breath
    • What is it? As my Pilates mentor, Size Diverse Pilates‘ Rachel Piper, often quotes: ‘Breath is a tool, not a rule.’ We breathe everyday without thinking. It’s automatic. However, that automatic breath is typically short and shallow. What the fundamental refers to is the deeper inhalations and exhalations that revitalize the entire body.
    • When can I do it? First thing in the morning.
    • How do I do it? When you awake, find a seated comfortable position in bed (cross-legged or legs extended under the covers). Place your palms – fingers spread – alongside your ribs. As you inhale slowly, pretend as if you are attempting to fill every part of your body with air. Let it flow to the front and back sides of your body. When exhaling, pill the belly button in, forcing out all extra sips of air. Repeat this slow and deep breathing pattern ten times before rising out of bed to begin your day.
  • Shoulder Stability & Mobility
    • What is it? Shoulder stability protects the shoulder joints when in movement, whether you’re lifting weights or putting groceries in the trunk. Shoulder mobility keeps the muscles in motion and helps the shoulder blades move with ease.
    • When can I do it? Commuting to school/work.
    • How do I do it? At a red light, hold your steering wheel. With an inhale, pinch your shoulder blades together, giving a opening of the chest. On the exhalation, separate the shoulder blades with the arm extension, giving a good stretch to the upper back. Repeat until the light turns green.
  • Upper Ab Curl
    • What is it? Upper Ab Curl (UAC) is the ability to bend through the neck and upper back. This movement is a position you’ll use in several classical Pilates exercises, such as the Hundred and the Roll Up.
    • When can I do it? Sitting at your desk.
    • How do I do it? Place your hands on top of your thighs. After a deep inhalation, curve the torso down with exhalation, vertebrae by vertebrae.

Tune in for the final three fundamentals on the next post as we explore tall spine, abdominal engagement, and pelvic stability!

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