NaBloPoMo 2020: Day 3

NaBloPoMo 2020: Day 3

‘How would I like people to remember me when I am no longer here?’

Remember me honestly and with honest action.

WRITER’S NOTE: Okay, so I did not plan two death-related questions in a row. Yikes. But a deal’s a deal, right? Right. So I write…

I want to be remembered as honestly as possible. I don’t want the people who loved me to romanticize me. Yes, I was absolutely fabulous, maintained a decent rack even after breastfeeding two hungry babies, and was an ear whenever you needed it. I was also petty, exceptionally good at not returning texts/DMs, and had a liiiiiitle bit of a superiority complex. I was awesome and flawed. Remember both my flair and my faults with love.

Likewise, I don’t want those who were less than thrilled with me to shape an exaggerated negative version of me in their heads. In fact, I don’t want to be in their heads at all. No one should haunt themselves with thoughts of someone they dislike. I want those who didn’t like me to release, not remember, me. I shouldn’t live in your head rent-free unless it brings you joy. Otherwise…

Remember me with honest action as well. If there was something I did or said that inspired you to move the needle in your own life, act on that. Write that book. Release that person. Project that pettiness. Whatever it was, big or small, remember me by doing you.

Hmmm…for such a morbid topic, this question warmed my heart.
Thanks for reading.
See you tomorrow.

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