NaBloPoMo 2020: Day 7

NaBloPoMo 2020: Day 7

‘How would I want to be encouraged right now?’

I didn’t answer this question but keep reading.

Look at me breaking the rules only a week in! FWIW, I started this writing challenge with a bang; I banked 2-3 blog posts ahead and still kept the literary brand strong. But for some reason, this question stumped me. Full disclosure: I haven’t been feeling well this week (combo of hormonal issues, a minor head cold from the change in weather, and, uh, this fuckshit). While banging away on my MacBook isn’t tops on my Want To Do List, my blog post bank is nonexistent, so I’m…encouraging myself to write.

*leaves for 35 minutes to wash dishes*

Okay, ass is in the seat and I am writing.
(I’m exhausting but cute.)
So, I’m going to flip this question on its head a bit and rephrase it as:

Where, in life, do I need more encouragement?

I’ve talked about my writing struggles in previous posts, but here’s the quick and dirty bottom line: I haven’t dropped a new novel in a year. Although I was undergoing a MAJOR life change (or three) in the nearly 12 months after my last novel, I just couldn’t push the pen for the next one. I was convinced I had lost the motivation to see a novel writing project through for the thirteenth time, so I came to this space to get words in. I began my blog from scratch, scribing on a more consistent basis and expanding into a creative space that centered my spirituality and sobriety. Deciding to participate in NaBloPoMo is a significant part of this shift in my writing journey.

This is how I know encouragement works from the inside out. By writing more candidly about myself in this space, I realized that I wasn’t unmotivated. I just needed a new writing lane and to summon the encouragement from within to use my life as a creative outlet. In the months since allowing that encouragement, I’ve had opportunities to discuss my creative and spiritual journeys on platforms such as Sober Press, Midwest Elevation, and Iowa Source. I’m bouncing around some ideas for my next book project (a non-fiction effort). And, I’m writing these words to you right now.

I am encouraged every time I come to this space.
And I’m so grateful for your eyes and your consumption of my words here.
More tomorrow. Goodbye.

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