#YogaEveryDamnDay – Day 11: Full Moon Mood + Extroversion

#YogaEveryDamnDay – Day 11: Full Moon Mood + Extroversion

Yeah, it’s definitely a full moon among us because I am exhausted, honey! Not to mention that we’re coming off Monday’s Lion’s Gate portal AND tonight’s full moon is in my sun sign of Aquarius…whew, pray for me!

All that said, full disclosure: I skipped the mat and slept in this morning.

IDGAF that sleep felt GOODT.

Choosing to rest is still a struggle for me, mainly because I’m a proud extrovert. Now, there’s a lot of wary misconceptions about my people so allow me to clarify how I, personally, exhibit extroversion:

  • I’m not ‘on’ all the time, but I certainly have my moments.
  • I prefer solitude over crowds but I can work a room like no one’s business.
  • I am an active presence because I’m happiest when engaging people I like and love.
  • I frequently get FOMO.
  • I’m known to spout an enthusiastic ‘YES!’ to commitments before consciously thinking them through. (I’m working on that.)
  • I’ve been called ‘a lot’, ‘too much’ and ‘intimidating’ by people projecting their insecurities onto me but who don’t KNOW ME know me. It makes me giggle every time!

Being extroverted means my life can be noisy & distracting because my zest for life makes me think it’s OK to soften my boundaries. But one thing about yoga? With every breath and stretch, my practice conditions me to listen to my body’s inner voice. And let me tell you – after a 5:30am hot yoga session and a full work schedule yesterday, my body had a very succinct message this morning: “Stay your ass in this bed for at least another hour!”

But no worries! Since I keep a spare mat and set of yoga clothes at work, I pushed today’s practice to this afternoon and it was just as yummy!

Now, on to today’s practice:

The Instructor: Abiola Akanni of Yoga By Biola
The Practice: Easy Morning Flow (25 mins)

Looking for a beginner-friendly, no-sweat practice that you can do anytime in under a half hour? You have found it here! I didn’t think an easy AM flow would give me enough of what I needed to combat my dreaded afternoon slump, but this short practice covered a lot in 25 minutes! You get hip mobility, heart openers, back stretching, a few lunges, and it all starts with a lovely 3-minute wide-legged child’s pose.


Hope you get a chance to enjoy this one – and you can still sleep in a little before you get it done!

See you on the mat tomorrow!
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