#YogaEveryDamnDay – Day 20: About Last Night

#YogaEveryDamnDay – Day 20: About Last Night

This past week was absolutely one of those weeks. It felt like the Universe was testing me in all aspects of my life. The desire to curl up into a ball and hide was quite strong. Humans were humaning at an all-time high, even for this unapologetic extrovert! Despite it all, I made it to Friday.

And for that, I deserved bubbles!

If you remember Day One of this blog series, you’ll recall that one of my August goals was to indulge in a Friday night bath every week. Last night was the first time this month that I followed through on that promise to myself. My husband teases me about my love for baths, but I just adore them, especially when stress is heavy on my mind and body.

I make a whole event out of it, dahling: lit jasmine candles, amethyst and rose quartz crystals alongside the tub, a burning Palo Santo stick in my abalone shell, and one of my Spotify playlists (usually 90s R&B or a Sarah/Dinah/Billie jazzy blues mix) accent each of my bath times. Ever the librarian, I bring my Kindle along in case I feel like catching up on my latest read, but I rarely touch it. I’m too busy luxuriating in a tub filled with rich Queen V bubbles while spicy smoke rings swirl around me.

Last night was no exception, y’all. It was a decadent experience. By the time I finished bathing, it felt as if the entire week went down the drain with the lukewarm soapy water.

Love. That. For. Me. #BlackAlexisRose

Now, on to today’s practice:

The Instructor: Koya Webb
The Practice: Detox Flow (30 minutes)

Still carrying the freeing energy from last night, I revisted a favorite flow from one of my favorite yogis, Koya Webb. If you don’t know about Koya, do get familiar. In addition to being a holistic health coach, Koya hosts an awesome podcast called Get Loved Up. Her guests have included wellness thought leaders such as Gabrielle Bernstein, Queen Afua, and Jessamyn Stanley. I also love Koya when she’s in her yoga bag and this flow is one of my favorites for detox and release. It’s only a half hour long but be prepared to get the yoga sweats anyway. Most importantly, allow this practice to take whatever may be on your soul and leave it on the mat. Enjoy, yogis!

See you on the mat tomorrow!
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