#YogaEveryDamnDay – Day 32: September Goals

#YogaEveryDamnDay – Day 32: September Goals

Hello September! This is a month filled with transitions: changes in weather, PSLs are back on the menu, cozy sweaters are back in closets, kiddos (and some adults!) are back in school, and there’s no more wearing white after next Monday (or is that even a thing anymore?).

The biggest transition for me, by far, has been committing to my daily yoga practice and to this #YEDD blog series. If you’ve been reading for the past 30+ days or just tuned in today, thank you so much. I post these musings to keep myself accountable but I always hope it sparks something in someone. The comment section on each post are always open and I do answer back, so have at it.

On top of my yoga practice, I set intentions every month. My roster of August goals (which I featured on Day One of the series) more or less came to fruition. I planned two birthday events and got the kids and myself safely launched back into academia…but I still need to work on sticking to my Friday night bath promise. This month, I’m focusing more on friendships, authenticity, and balancing the 5,023 things I do.

What are your goals for September? Share in the comments below, dahling!

Yes, I have to set a goal to call my friends.
Yes, I’m an Aquarius. :-\

Okay, on to today’s practice:

The Instructor: Arianna Elizabeth
The Practice: AM Yoga Flow (1 hour)

Now I know I’m asking a lot for the first of the moooooonth, but I believe in you! This sixty-minute flow is one of my favorite morning sequences from Arianna. You are getting a little bit of everything in this hour: balancing poses, backbends, planks, etc. It’s quite intermediate but modifications can be done (and when in doubt, go to Child’s Pose). Give it a try and challenge yourself in this new month!

See you on the mat tomorrow!
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