#YogaEveryDamnDay – Day 7: Hot Yoga in the Morning

#YogaEveryDamnDay – Day 7: Hot Yoga in the Morning

Before I begin: Yay me for blogging a week in a row! Been almost two years since I even touched this blog so yes, lemme happy dance real quick:

Okay, onto today’s diatribe: I spoke earlier this week about how awesome hot yoga is. I started my Sunday with a dose of heated vinyasa and I’m so thankful I got my butt up this AM. I, along with 5 other yogis, took up space and sweated it TF out before noon. So yummy! I took a pic before class because my social media pet peeve is sweaty selfies – but trust that sweat was swote (not a word but a word today):

Me, pre-sweat

After practice, I got home, showered, and washed my sweaty curls. I’m watching a doc on Kanopy called American Yogi, already thinking about my second practice of the day…

Now, on to tonight’s practice:

The Instructor: Black Yogi Nico Marie
The Practice: Restorative Yoga (35 mins)

That’s right – I’m back in my restorative yoga bag for the second day in a row. Weekends are prime for me to relax, since I am on the go with work, school, and family the other five days of the week. I’m sure many you reading can relate, which is why I’m going to commit myself to a restorative practice at least once weekly. After sweating I out this morning and the cardio/weights I have planned for tomorrow, I’m looking forward to this slice of relaxation tonight. For now? I’ll chill on the couch, watch this doc, and probably drift off into an afternoon nap. Restoring myself on and off the mat – I deserve it & so do you!

See you on the mat tomorrow!
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