#YogaEveryDamnWeek – Cardio and Connection

#YogaEveryDamnWeek – Cardio and Connection
…hmmm, not so much…

Last week, we talked about moving slow and with ease. Many may have seen that as a diss to cardio, but that’s not at all the case. At one time in my life, cardio was the basis of my physical fitness. Once I committed to a daily yoga practice, I found that my running sessions and kickboxing rounds were fewer and farther between. I can count on one hand the number of times I hit the pavement this summer for a walk or jog. Yoga has become the center of my wellness plan – and I love that for me – but I must admit: recently, I’ve been missing the intense mind-body connection of a good, sweaty cardio sesh.

Your #YogaEveryDamnWeek-ly Mantra:

I invite variety into my wellness.

Whether you’re a dedicated yogi, an avid swimmer, or a gymrat with the monthly membership to prove it, it’s so easy to fall into the comfort of your preferred fitness regimen. The familiarity of our daily routines – including our workouts – sets the tone for the day and makes us feel accomplished. But, like this week’s mantra states, variety can add more connection to your wellness journey. But the thing about change? It ain’t easy.

If you are dedicated to your yoga practice and can’t imagine adding cardio in the mix (or vice versa), here are some ways the worlds of sweat and stillness can connect in your wellness world:

  • Add Action to Your Asana. Try a style of yoga that gets your heart pumping. Formats such as power yoga (aka Vinyasa), iron yoga (which incorporates weight training) and the ever-popular Trap Yoga (vinyasa mixed with dance moves over a hip-hop soundtrack) are sure to give you the cardio fix you’ve been seeking.
  • Why Not Both? Instead of spending sixty minutes on the mat, split your hour between cardio and yoga. I begin my AM workout with 20-30 minutes of high intensity interval training (the HIIT workouts on Anna’s YT channel are go-tos for me). For my cool down, I wrap up the remaining half-hour with a few yin yoga poses. It’s the perfect balance to start my day off right.
  • Start Back at One. If combining cardio and yoga seems like too much at first, begin with once a week. If you hit the mat Monday through Friday, go for a power walk on Saturdays. For my cardio peeps: get your sweat on all week but enjoy a restorative yoga session on Sundays.

She’s Busy: My Weekly Rundown

My week is all about connection in my community. Here’s where you can catch me – on and offline:

  • Community Learning Series (Thursday 11/10)
    • I am looking forward to learning and networking at the Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation’s Partnering with Emerging Black and Brown Leaders panel discussion. For more information about the event taking place at Cedar Rapids Public Library, check out GCRCF’s blog for registration details.
  • embody|embrace (Saturday 11/12)
    • Speaking of events at library’s, mine has an event happening this week and guess what? I’ll be presenting there along with several other talented storytellers. The North Liberty Library’s embody|embrace series celebrates the power of storytelling. Learn more about the event on City of North Liberty’s blog.
  • Lighthouse In The Library (Sunday 11/13)
    • There are fewer platforms that connect a community than a talking circle. I’m proud to have planned the latest LITL event – a community conversation circle – in partnership with Better Way Forward. If you live in North Liberty and would like to participate, register here. You can read more about the event on NLL’s blog, too.

That’s all I got for this week, yogis! Be sure to embrace variety in your wellness practices to keep your mind-body connection well-rounded.

See you on the mat next week!
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