#YogaEveryDamnWeek – Slow and Scary

#YogaEveryDamnWeek – Slow and Scary

Happy Samhain/Halloween to all who celebrate! As we bring October to a close, I wanted to talk about the idea of slow. It’s a heady concept for me, I’ll admit. I’ve spent most of my forty-plus years on this earthly plane on the move. I love motion, always action-oriented throughout my life. This has led to my detriment sometimes, which is why I’m starting to ease…into ease. (See what I did there?)

Your #YogaEveryDamnWeek-ly Mantra:

I deserve to move slow and with ease.

As I’ve stated on the blog, one of my bucket list goals is to become a certified yoga instructor after I (finally!) get my Masters next spring (hashtag gradschooldiva). While I decided a while back that I wanted my foundational training to be in Hatha yoga, I went back and forth about learning more active styles as a second concentration. I love Vinyasa and Ashtanga, the two fast flow styles that are popular (and profitable) in most yoga studios across the nation. However, the calling for me to do a complete 180 and focus on Yin yoga has become stronger.

My mornings are for flow but the nighttime Yin I’ve been practicing religiously for the past two months have shifted something within me. When I think about how I want to best be of service to myself with my current practice and to others with my future teacher training, I’ve realized that a slower form of yoga has been the key to unlocking my truest self on the mat. I want to do that for others as well, because I know firsthand how scary it can be to slow down. These past months of practicing Yin have made the concept of ease less frightening. I hope that, with my Yin studies in the not-too-distant future, I can be that conduit for others because – second only to my sobriety – a nightly Yin yoga practice has become the best gift I’ve ever given myself.

New Month, New Challenge:
Get Ready for #NovDailyFlow!

Need to ease into a yoga practice?
Looking for a way to give thanks as we roll into November?
How about we do BOTH!

As of the timestamp of this blogpost, you have roughly 48 hours to get ready for our seven-day yoga challenge, which kicks off on November 1st. You can check out more details here but it super simple and easy to do! I hope I see you in these social media streets under the tag #NovDailyFlow doing these poses.

That’s all I got for this week. Hit me in the comments below or in the DMs on the socials to let me know how you plan on adding more slow ease into your lives! (HINT: Doing this is a great start, just sayin’…)

See you on the mat next week!
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