#YogaEveryDamnWeek – Rebounding & Rebirth

#YogaEveryDamnWeek – Rebounding & Rebirth

Hi there, Yogis! Before I launch into YEDW, I want to apologize for missing a week on the blog. Last week was insane! Between a flu bug (not C19) ravaging my household to me finishing up midterm projects for grad school, I had zero energy to write much more than a few social media posts. It was rough but I’m grateful that it wasn’t too serious. Life will never not be busy, but I’ve learned over the past two years that saying no to the occasional responsibility can be a welcome respite from reality.

There’s a term used among yin yoga practitioners called ‘rebounding‘. It describes the tranquil effects you feel after slowly coming out of a pose in stillness, the sensation of your fascia reconnecting and your stretched limbs settling back into place. It’s very similar to what this week felt like for me: rebounding back into my schedule of work, school, family, and creativity. I paced my post-illness self back into my daily life and am allowing myself space and grace to move slowly through the week. It’s a little frustrating for an active extrovert like me to take my time, but I keep learning that this is the best approach.

Your #YogaEveryDamnWeek-ly Mantra:

I allow space to rebound.

This week’s mantra is a form of a belief I try to carry during those times I’m coming back from a down day or week. If you struggle with being patient with yourself whenever your schedule slows down, you are not alone. We are besties, trust me! It can be challenging to admit when you need rest but what I’ve come to know is that a gentle reminder like this mantra can be enough to keep me in stillness…even if only for a little while. Try it this week and let me know in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter under the tag #yogaeverydamnweek to let me know how the mantra is working for you.

Yoga Pose of the Week:
Garland Pose (Malasana)

For those of you who celebrate it, Thanksgiving week is upon us. It’s a time to gather with family and friends to eat, laugh, and – most importantly – give thanks. As you yogis know from previous posts, I practice gratitude 365 days a year so picking a pose to highlight on the blog was easy for me.

Malasana, better known as either Garland Pose or simply as a yogi squat, was one of the poses from this month’s #NovDailyFlow. From the prayer hands to the opened hips, Malasana exudes gratitude for life and rebirth. Its’ health benefits include improved pelvic floor strength, deeper flexion in the hip joints, and increased muscle contraction. The pose is also an all-levels treat – feel free to use blocks under your bum and/or your back against a wall for added support. Close the pose with prayer hands and say ‘Thank you’ for every gift granted upon your life. Yum!

That’s all I got for this week. Hit me in the comments below or in the DMs on the socials to let me know how you allow space to rebound before the holiday approaches this week. Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate, but remember: you never need a holiday to practice gratitude!

See you on the mat next week!
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