#YogaEveryDamnDay – Day 41: Full Moon Mood + Letting Ish Go

#YogaEveryDamnDay – Day 41: Full Moon Mood + Letting Ish Go

Happy Full Moon, yogis! Tonight’s full moon is in Pisces, an emotionally charged water sign that sets the tone for release. So if you’ve been feeling on the verge of tears these past few days, it’s okay. The moon’s just working on you. Hang in there!

Unlike the previous full moon, this one has me at ease & full of energy. That said, I got a little emotional at the end of my yoga class this morning. As I moved into a hip-opening half Pigeon (Ardha Kapotasana), I felt some tears well up. I wasn’t feeling particularly emotional this morning and, though hip openers tend to free up emotions, it felt good. Full moons are about release, and this one in Pisces is a great opportunity to let some shit go.

Here’s ways to release what’s not for you at this time (or ever!) during tonight’s Full Moon in Pisces:

  • Indulge Your Feminine Side – Regardless of your gender, this full moon is a good time astrologically to lean into the softness of your being. Pisces (the full moon’s seat) and Virgo (the sun’s seat) are both feminine signs, so freeform dancing, a warm bath, or time in nature are good ways to engage that sensual energy and feel freer.
  • Balance Your Boundaries – Pisces and Virgo may have feminine energy in common, but they are dueling signs for a reason. While Pisces energy doesn’t lend itself to laying down the rules, Virgo energy hasn’t met a rule it didn’t like. Is there a relationship in your life – personal or professional – where the boundaries are shaky? Is there a boundary that needs tightening (or loosening) up? Under tonight’s full moon, pull out your journal, list those questionable rules in plain words, and re-examine them with a closer eye.
  • Observe With Compassion – One way we prevent release is by exercising judgment, an emotional response with which I am quite familiar. Goddess knows I can be a Judge Wudgy from time to time! What I’ve learned about judgment of others is that it often stems from judgment of self. We may not think we’re resenting ourselves when we judge a person or situation that has nothing to do with us, but the connection can been found. Go seek it under the full moon tonight by writing down the last time you judged something someone. Then ask yourself, “What about this person/situation scares me the most?” In that answer is the connection to self – don’t be afraid of it. Only the moon is watching.

See you on the mat tomorrow!
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