#YogaEveryDamnWeek – Libra and Loving Yourself

#YogaEveryDamnWeek – Libra and Loving Yourself

Libra Season officially started this past Thursday. As a charming Libra Moon, I welcome this bubbly energy with glee! Between work, school, family, and all of our obligations in between, life can seem so rigid and rushed. The Virgo energy of the previous zodiac season is about order – which I absolutely dig. But I need some chaotic & flirty Libra energy to balance myself out.

Your #YogaEveryDamnWeek-ly Mantra:

I treat myself fair and with care.

While fairness and balance are the hallmarks of Libra Energy, the grander message this week’s mantra sends is about loving & accepting ourselves. This is especially important to remember when self-doubt strives to dampen our spirits. I mentioned in last week’s post that I was part of an authors’ panel. From the moment I was invited to participate in the event, my imposter syndrome kicked in. Feelings of doubt tend to surround my creative ventures, so I lowkey expected the negative talk. I kept questioning the decision of the event planners: “Why do they want ME on the panel? I haven’t published a novel in three years. In fact, I spend more time shelving books than I do writing them these days. Why me?”

It wasn’t until after I had a chat with a loved one about my panel fright that I started asking a different question: “Why NOT me?”. I was reminded that what I had to offer to the panel was more than a catalog of written wares. I had expertise in literary areas besides being an author. I’m a librarian, FFS! I’m also a proud City of Literature board member as well as a practicum student working at a poetry library. Most of all, I love books to an obsessive degree. And you know what? That reminder helped me rock TF out of that panel yesterday, imposter fear be damned!

Me, kicking my imposter syndrome’s ass!

BONUS: Check out my interview with The Daily Iowan about this fabulous panel.

If you have a loved one around to remind you of who you are when your fear won’t give you peace, you indeed have a blessing. Here are three more ways to be that blessing to yourself and others:

  • Pay It Forward – The next time someone empowers you, send that energy to someone who needs it (and we ALL need it!). Commend a coworker on a successful project they’ve completed. Tell your child they did a good job washing the dishes. Thank your spouse/partner for the lovely meal they prepared.
  • Work That Mirror – One of my favorite self-improvement books is Louise Hay’s Mirror Work. It covers a 21-day program where you start every morning saying kind words to your reflection. The great thing is that you don’t need the book or a morning to start this life-affirming habit. Go to a mirror (or even flip the camera on your phone!) and say “You’re awesome!” or “Good work today!” to yourself – even if you don’t believe your own words at first. The more you speak kindly to yourself, the more you’ll treat your
  • Take Your Time – Like I mentioned at the top, we can go through life feeling rigid and rushed. Take advantage of Libra Energy to indulge yourself – even if it’s for a handful of minutes. When planning your schedule this week (Earth signs, I’m really speaking to you!), purposely leave at least ten minutes untouched for you. Block it off if you need to. That nugget of time is for whatever brings you joy: stepping outside, catching up on your reading, meditating, or just sitting and doing nothing.

Yoga Pose of the Week:
Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana)

Excuse the casual clothes. I was on my way to class. LOL.

Since Libra Energy is all about balance, this gravity-defying pose is a good reset for your body. Feel free to use a block (like me!) or a wall. Pose benefits include increased ankle strength, improved hamstring mobility, and a stronger core.

That’s all I got for this week. Hit me in the comments below or in the DMs on the socials to let me know how you plan on loving yourself this Libra season!

See you on the mat next week!
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